Meet Animin, the new digital friend with an AR twist

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Remember the Tamagotchi, the Japanese handheld digital pet that was all the rage in the 1990s?


Since then, digital or virtual pets have come in all shapes and sizes, from web- or software-based to handdheld units similar to the Tamagotchis.

Well, now say hi to the Animin, a new digital pet for phones and tablets – with an augmented reality twist.

According to the developer, Animin brings digital pets to life in a revolutionary new way – using your device’s camera, MP3 player and lots more to bring the Animin into our world.

“With Animin we are creating a truly magical and exciting digital pet for children, tweens and mobile gamers who want to enjoy what we feel is the very best mobile game using the latest augmented reality (AR) technology to date,” says Animin creative director Joe Kletz.

“Featuring stunning 3D character animations, mind-blowing mini-games, collectible character packs and loads more, Animin is a completely new type of gaming experience.

“Our development team is genuinely pushing the capabilities of what is possible with entertainment tech on smartphones and tablets, creating the very first digital pet that truly comes to life in the real-world environment in front of you.”

Kletz says players can choose from four collectible characters – T-Bo, Mandi, Pi and Kelsi.

“Point your mobile device at the Animin gamecard from your starter pack and these unique creatures come to life right in front of your smartphone or tablet,” he says.

“Then bring your new Animin into the desktop or tabletop space right in front of you, to live, eat and play right in front of your eyes.

“Care for and nurture your Animin, play a range of groundbreaking mini-games and collect new characters. Animin will feature a number of exclusive game features that make use of futuristic AR gaming tech in exciting new ways.

“For example, you’ll be able to take ‘Animin selfies’ of yourself with your Animin, play your own MP3s using your Animin’s hi-fi and get your Animin playing with your mates’ Animins. And you’ll be able to share all of these great new game experiences on social media.”

The Animin app is free to download for Android and iOS, and the four Animin Gamecard packs – which has the code to unlock the full version of the game, as well as character stickers and posters – retails for £4.99.

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