Is Google about to launch its own mobile network?

Google, Mobile phones

Google could be about to take over even more of our lives if reports from the US are accurate – the search giant could be planning its own mobile network.


According to BGR the company has been speaking to US networks Sprint and T-Mobile about creating a “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” (MVNO) that it can piggyback on.

BGR goes on to say that “Google is working on a technology that will let the customer choose the best available signal, from a variety of sources including Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi spots, and rout all communications (calls, texts and data) through it. Thus, customers would no longer depend on a single carrier, and service would improve as they’d be able to change providers on the spot.”

Google has form for attempting to disrupt old oligopolies – in the US its “Google Fibre” home broadband is highly sought after. Perhaps it can do the same and disrupt phone networks… and dare we hope Google might sort out perennially dreadful network customer service too?

James O’Malley
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