Interstellar trailer remade for just $20

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Christopher Nolan spent $165 million to make his sci-fi epic Interstellar.


But maybe he didn’t need to spend that much, as YouTuber Chandler Perry has shown with his $20 three-minute retelling of the almost-three-hour-long space drama.

Perry gives a breakdown of the cost in his video description:

Prop List (before tax)
Tin Pans $2.00
Duct Tape $3.00
Spray Paints $3.00
Cardboard Boxes $1.50
Gloves $5.00
Keyboard $1.50
Corn $1.50
Plastic Bowls $1.00
Tangerines $2.75

Watch the trailer below, but be warned – if you have not seen Interstellar yet, there are spoilers here.

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