Brits vote on best fictional gadget of all time

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The organisers behind the Gadget Show Live recently conducted a survey to find out what the British public considered the best fictional gadget of all time. And the results may not be what you expected …

(The survey was carried out among 3,194 adults living in the UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England) in December 2014.)

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1: Cloaking Device from Predator

Yes, the survey found that almost a third (31%) of respondents consider the cloaking device from the Predator film series the best of all time.

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2: Exoskeleton Armour from Iron Man

In the survey, men seemed to prefer the Iron Man Armour while most women voted for the Predator Cloaking Device. Maybe they have more to hide?
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3: The Tardis from Doctor Who

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4: Hoverboard from Back To The Future

The Hoverboard from Back To The Future 2 got the most votes among 31 to 35-year-olds.

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5: Light Saber from Star Wars

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