Apple Watch companion app revealed

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Details on what we can expect to see in the iPhone companion app for the forthcoming Apple Watch have emerged. Read on to find out exactly what it will be able to do.


It was 9to5Mac which got the scoop – including the above screenshot.

As you can see above, users will be able to use the app to reorganise their Apple Watch’s home screen icons – so you can have them exactly as you like ’em.

On the clock (always an important function on a watch), you’ll be able to give your Watch a virtual monogram – imposing your initials on the watch screen. Here you’ll also be able to see a red dot, indicating notifications on your phone – and in a feature that will interest literally no one normal, you’ll even be able to track stocks on your watchface.

There will also be Messaging options – to either display messages in exactly the same way as your phone, or in some custom configuration. You’ll also be able to choose whether the Watch defaults to dictation responses or audio responses. In other words, whether you want to respond to texts from your wrist using Siri speech-to-text, or whether you just want the watch to record your voice and send that recording to your friend instead. You’ll also be able to customise the default text replies for really quick messaging.

On Maps, you’ll be able to enable and disable the “haptic” feedback that is built into the watch for turn-by-turn directions. So if you don’t want your wrist to rumble each time you navigate somewhere, you can switch it off. There will also be a tonne of accessibility features that work in a similar way to the iPhone (with double taps and stuff), and the ability to setup a passcode for using Apple Pay with your watch (you’ll have to enter the PIN every time you buy something).

Finally there’s the new fitness functions – which will let you configure goals, progress updates and so on. It can even give you warnings when you’ve been sat still for 50 minutes or more. Bizarre.

So it sounds like there will be lots to do with the Apple Watch. It is worth remembering that all of the details are based on the leak that 9to5Mac obtained – so it could all be nonsense, but the website does have a good track record with this sort of thing.

James O’Malley
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