Web-based WhatsApp: Coming soon?

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Could the developers of WhatsApp be working on a web based version that will run in a web browser? That’s what some hidden code suggests.


According to Cool Smartphone, some coders on code-sharing website Github have been tearing apart the latest Android release of the popular messaging app, and have spotted some interesting references.


Note the bit highlighted in red about “web sessions”. At the moment WhatsApp only works through a mobile phone app – but the reference to browsers and web sessions strongly suggests that developers have at least been considering a version of the messenger that will you’ll be able to access on your computer, or phone without an app installed.

Such a move would make sense for owners Facebook too – as it would bring WhatsApp up to speed not only with stablemate Facebook Messenger, but the likes of Google Hangouts and Apple iMessage too.

We’ll keep you posted.

James O’Malley
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