The N64 nearly got a Doom multiplayer game


Who knew there would be N64 news just as we’re about to go into 2015? Details have emerged about a cancelled N64 Doom title that would have added a multiplayer component to the classic shooter.


The brilliant Unseen64 has uncovered details on the title, called “Doom Absolution” that was canned in favour of the developers working on an N64 port of Quake.

Apparently the title would have added split-screen deathmatches to the game – a bit like the ones found in N64 classic Goldeneye 64. In what retrospectively seems like a mistake though, the developers thought that the concept would never work. Unseen64 quotes Aaron Seeler, lead programmer on Doom 64 (the single player game, which did get released) as saying:

“At that time, as dm purists, most everybody involved thought it silly to play dm split screen, where you could see everybody else. So, we chose not to do it. 007 beat the crap out of Doom 64. Quite a regret.”

Goldeneye would go on to be one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful games of all time.

James O’Malley
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