The Digest: FBI starts probe into Sony hack… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Sony Pictures calls out big guns to investigate hacking | BetaWired

“Sony Pictures Entertainment has called out the big guns to investigate the hacking that has locked countless employees out of their networks, relying on FireEye’s Mandiant incident response team to clean house. Meanwhile, another security breach at Sony Pictures – though perhaps one that’s completely unrelated to the recent hacking attack – has seen four new and upcoming releases from the company being leaked on illegal file sharing sites. The titles included To Write Love on Her Arms, Still Alice, Mr Turner, Fury and Annie.” All the films appear to be at least DVD-quality, and all but one – Fury – have yet to be released in [US] theaters.”

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Microsoft and Yahoo responding to ‘right to be forgotten’ requests in Europe | The Guardian

“Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing search engine have begun responding to ‘right to be forgotten’ requests for search result deletions in Europe, joining Google. Bing published its request form in July, but the first removals have now taken place according to reputation management firm Reputation VIP’s site, which helps people submit requests.”

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Xbox Japan chief quits amid poor sales | The Japan Times

“The head of Microsoft’s Xbox business in Japan has resigned but will remain part of the games business at the US head office, the company said. Takashi Sensui’s position was ‘interactive entertainment business manager’ at Microsoft Japan. The company said Sunday his position would not be replaced, adding that his transfer was unrelated to sagging Xbox sales.”

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Want to avoid second helpings? Electric shock bracelet promises to help | The Telegraph

“An American company has produced a wristband that aims to instill good habits in people – by giving them an electric shock when they stray. The Pavlok is worn like a FitBit bracelet, and can be activated manually or automatically through an app. Inspired by Pavlov’s theory – who trained his dogs to expect food every time a bell was rang – the app wearer is supposed to learn to avoid certain behaviour, or else an electric shock will be sent out from the band.”

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Black Friday was Amazon’s busiest day ever | Business Insider

“Amazon has reported its busiest ever sales day on Black Friday as consumers rushed online to take advantage of exclusive deals. The online marketplace sold more than 5.5m products at a rate of 64 items a second on Friday.”

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