Dennis and Gnasher come to Minecraft


In an unexpected partnership between old and new media, The Beano has partnered with Minecraft to offer Dennis and Gnasher mods for the popular game.

The tie-up whilst unexpected makes sense: Whilst the Beano is attempting to remain relevant in this century (it was first published in 1938), Minecraft is like crack for children. The new mod will skin characters like Dennis, Gnasher – and even Walter the softy.

There’s also a bunch of accessories – players can equip a slingshot that will fire tomatoes, in the classic Beano style.

To promote the mod, publisher DC Thompson has partnered with YouTube user ChooChoosGaming to create a “Let’s Play” video. And if you’re over the age of about 20, prepare to feel really old as you watch some kid screaming into his mic whilst playing Minecraft and presumably making a career of it.

It’s available now for the PC version of Minecraft.

James O’Malley
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