Sonos adds support for multiple accounts on the same music service


Sonos has released an update to its wireless home audio system that solves perhaps the biggest first world problem of them all: What if people in your house have different Spotify accounts?


Sonos make an an incredible listening product: You can put wireless speakers all over your house and stream music to them as you please, without needing to keep (say) your phone switched on to supply the tunes. But what if you and your partner both have Spotify Premium accounts, and have your entire music listening separated? How can you get access to all of your perfectly curated playlists?

Version 5.2 of Sonos’s software solves this potential middle-class life-ruining disaster: The company has added support for up to 32 different streaming accounts on the service. Phew.

The update also adds improved audio capability to the Sonos Playbar accessory for TVs, and the Sonos phone apps also get improvements – such as Android users being now able to control their tunes from the lock screen.

To get the update, simply trigger the updates on your relevant Sonos device.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Sonos adds support for multiple accounts on the same music service

  • It’s great how Sonos continuously works to improve the experience in using their products and software. Can’t wait to play with this update tonight as it has been an issue with our children on “who’s account to load into Sonos” and we find ourselves always switching between accounts, which previously required a log out and re-login to make that happen. This update will solve that problem!

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