Hemingwrite launches the inevitable Kickstarter


Remember the Hemingwrite? The stripped-down writing gadget was based on typewriters of old – the idea being that it helps you to write by forcing you to concentrate (there’s no clicking away to Twitter). The exciting news is that the creators have just launched the gadget on Kickstarter.


At the time of writing the device has $193,000 of its $250,000 goal, so should pretty easily smash its target – with the first devices set to ship in September next year to funders who pay $399 or more.

Reading the details it sounds really clever too – the developers are building a cloud platform, called “Postbox” that will let users easily setup the syncing with Google Drive and Evernote – and there will be an open API to let developers plug it into other services too. It will also be possible to create apps to run on the Hemingwrite itself – though don’t expect anything too fancy, as they want to keep the basic experience.

Writing will apparently support “mark up” language, to help you bold and italicise and so on – but there will be no copy and paste. The idea is that you will be forced to keep writing – ideal for when writing that first draft.

We really want one.

James O’Malley
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