Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet gets PS4 remote play and more in latest update

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If you’ve got a PS4 and a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet, today is your lucky day. Sony has released a software updating enabling you to remotely play PS4 games, streaming the pictures to your phone screen.


The feature, which was announced for the Xperia Z3 line is being added to the older handset through Sony’s latest software update. The update also adds Ultra-Stamina mode, which Sony claims will boost your battery life to two days (rather than just the one), bluetooth unlocking if you have a Sony smartband fitness tracker, as well as a new settings menu and camera app.

To update your phone you can either do it wirelessly on your phone, or by plugging into a computer and using Sony’s companion software.

James O’Malley
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  • SNAP! I wish that I had of know that before I bought the Z3, It would have saved me 300.00. Anyhoo, I really like my Xperia Z3. It is a Awesome Phone, Great Battery life Great Camera too. I can take pics at night without the flash and they come out perfect every time. It takes great pictures and Video’s with out the flash. I have read where it has a bad camera, Who ever wrote that has never used one. On my LG Optimus G Pro the battery life is terrible since the last updated to 4.4.2 with the update it took away the option for battery savings and it would get hot fast also. With my Xperia it never gets hot even after using a 128GB Memory Card. When I first went to download my Music and my Movies on it, It opened a program on my PC that look’s like my iTunes library and it downloaded all my music and my home video’s from my iTunes library. I didn’t expect that! It is a great program. It let’s me sit how high to sit the quality of my song’s to be downloaded on my Xperia the bit rate. So my music sounds great especially with the two front facing speaker’s and on my Bose wireless speaker and on my wireless car FloomaFlochy made by Motorola. Sounds Great through it too. I find something new on this phone almost everyday. It even has a Xperia connect app that when I charge it I can sit it up to do thing’s while it charge’s like sit alarm or play music and it even gives me a choice of how the music is played through head phones or any one of my Bluetooth devices which I have three different one’s. It has a program just for updates instead of going to about my phone. Well that’s not really a biggie just threw it in there. I have been getting anywhere from one day ten hour’s to One day 16hrs on my battery. Where I’ve had the iPhone 4 and 5 a Samsung Galaxy S3, Blue Studio, LG and iPad’s 2-4 and none of those could come close to the battery performance that the Xperia doe’s. The Low Stamina mode help’s I’ve never used the ultra stamina mode. While using this mode I haven’t missed any call’s or text. When I’m at home I keep the internet on data and sync on too. When I’m out I keep LTE on sync and location on too. Great battery life! Accessories are easy to find for it also. Sony make’s a wireless charging Case and disk. It isn’t cheap I’m hoping after it has been out they will lower the price. LOL Ya Right. This phone sync’s with everything in my house even in the picture app it connects with my Facebook, Picasa and Flickr account’s. All of my apps come from the Google Play Store. It will do the screen cast to my Chromecast. And Fast SNAP! It Slap’s the taste out of my mouth it’s that fast. Beautiful Screen. Premium feel, Solid heavy feel. Forgive me I’m 62 Year’s Young and I love the technology of today. I can tell you one thing Android Kick’s Butt! I like it a lot better than Apple. That is the other reason I bought this phone, it’s getting the new Android L, When it gets it the battery life will be even better. I hope that I didn’t bore you with all of my 411. Thank You and God Bless.

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