Could Teletext’s Digitiser be about to rise from the ashes? Do you see?


Wonderful news for anyone who remembers the videogames section on Channel 4 Teletext – it could be able to make a return.

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You remember Digi, right? The pages of text were ostensibly the service’s games coverage – offering daily updates and games news in a world before the internet went mainstream. In actuality though, the thing that kept us reading was the jokes, the characters and the “reveal-Os”. It was wonderful, subversive, and cruelly killed by the Teletext suits even though it was wildly popular, just weeks before British and American tanks rolled over the Iraq border in 2003. (It isn’t clear if the two events were related).


The good news is that eleven years on, writer Paul Rose – otherwise known as “Mr Biffo” – has just launched a Digitiser blog, containing some new material.

Excitingly the about section contains this:

“We sort of miss writing Digitiser, and are discussing the vaguest of plans to do something new with it. Who knows? Having a blog might actually get us motivated. Rough drafts/sketches/ideas for the potential Digi Thing may appear here from time to time. This is very much a work in progress.”

Okay, so let’s not get too excited just yet – but who couldn’t forgive long time Digi aficionados for getting a little bit excited?

(If you want to read more old Digi stuff, there’s a bunch here, but don’t blame us if you get distracted from doing any more work today.)

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