Will the Star Wars trailer break the internet tomorrow?

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You may have heard the rumours that a new Star Wars film is in production. Yeah, it’s been kept pretty quiet, and almost nobody is talking about it, but Star Wars Episode VII – aka The Force Awakens – is due in cinemas around the world in December 2015.


As is the movie industry’s annoying habit now, a first trailer for this new Star Wars film is being unveiled tomorrow – more than a year out from its release. Because it makes perfect sense to advertise a product that you cannot buy until next Christmas.

The 88-second trailer is set to be shown in about 30 cinemas across the US – expect the fanboys and fangirls to queue for hours beforehand and then walk out after the trailer is finished, as happened in 1998 when the first trailer for The Phantom Menace was unleashed.

But Star Wars owner Disney announced this week that the trailer will also be put online:

So when the trailer drops, expect a massive slowdown of the internet as all the world’s geeks rush to see if JJ Abrams has managed to repair the damage that George Lucas did with his awful prequels.

The trailer will debut on iTunes, and if Apple was smart, it would charge people to download it – and double its annual profits in one day.

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