Tailio will monitor your cat’s health without it even knowing

Gadgets, Internet Of Things

The so-called “Internet of Things” risks becoming an Internet of, umm, cats, if a new Kickstarter is anything to go by.


Tailio is essential a wifi-powered scale that you place beneath your cat’s litter tray – and will report back on your cat’s activities, tracking weight, how frequent it visits and other “behaviour”.

It’s smart too: It will try to learn your cat’s routine, so if it doesn’t show up it will send you a notification so you can check if everything is okay, and it will also remind you when the litter tray needs cleaning. Don’t worry if you’re a mad cat lady too – as it will figure out which cat is currently sat in the tray.

The idea behind the device is that it will give you more information on your cat’s health, so you can spot problems earlier – and it works in a non-intrusive way, not requiring them to wear anything.

The Kickstarter has launched today, with prices starting at $99 for shipping next April.

James O’Malley
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