iPhone 6 tops Yahoo tech searches for 2014

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Yahoo has released its top searches for 2014 and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 tops the search queries for tech – and comes in third over all.


Here’s the list – yep, apparently people are still using Yahoo for search:

1. iPhone 6
2. PlayStation 4
3. Samsung Galaxy S5
4. iPad Mini
5. iPhone 5c
6. Xbox One
7. Apple Watch
8. iPad Air
9. Kindle Fire
10. Nokia Lumia 520

iPhone 6 is also the only piece of technology to get a look-in on the overall list:

1. World Cup 2014
2. Michael Schumacher
3. iPhone 6
4. Manchester United
5. Arsenal
6. Celebrity Big Brother/Big Brother
7. Liverpool FC
8. Disney Frozen
9. Flight MH370
10. Duchess of Cambridge

Other stats include breakfast presenter Susanna Reid apparently topping searches for celebrities, and the Scottish Referendum being the most popular politics search-term.

Yahoo’s press release notes that the stats exclude searches that are purely “navigational” – searches designed to navigate to a particular website. Presumably this is because otherwise the top search would be “Google”.

James O’Malley
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