Apple launches tool to fix the iMessage/SMS problem

Mobile phones

If when upgrading your phone you switch from an iPhone to another manufacturer’s device, then you might notice a problem: When your iPhone-owning mates try to message you, it sends not as an SMS but as an iMessage, meaning that it won’t show up on your new phone.


This caused some controversy a few months ago when the problem was widely highlighted – but luckily Apple has just released a fix.

It has launched a Deregister iMessage tool on its website, which will disable Apple’s service so that your text messages will go back to working as normal.

If you still have your iPhone, it will tell you how to switch it off in settings – and if not, you can switch it over through a simple texting-a-code-to-verify mechanism.

Now if only Apple and the other manufacturers would work together to make their messaging platforms interoperable.

James O’Malley
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