The 5 types of software update that will DRIVE YOU INSANE

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Updating software is a fact of life but one that doesn’t get any less irritating. Even though software engineering implies analyzing users’ requirements and then designing and building products according to their needs, it seems like not everyone out there holds to that course. Here’s our five least favourite types of software update.

1) Firmware updates

Pic by Scott Schiller
Pic by Scott Schiller

Every time a new version of iOS is installed on your phone, or an Xbox software update starts rebooting the console during the install process, even if your brain knows that it will be completely fine, you can’t help but have the pit of your stomach twinge. As the progress bar crosses the screen you’re sat thinking “What if the power lead isn’t plugged in correctly?” “What if there’s a power cut?” “What if I haven’t configured everything properly before the update”. Firmware updates should just be called anxiety relapses.

2) Please wait whilst Windows installs update


It’s 2am… that’s enough Minecraft. Time for bed. Better shut down the PC. Agghhh “Windows is install updates (1 of 52), please wait”.

An hour after trying to get to sleep in a room bathed in bright blue light, your computer finally goes to sleep.

3) App updates to support devices you don’t have


Ooh, a new update in the app store. Brilliant – my favourite app might have new features! Wait… no… all it says in the description is “optimised for iPhone 6”, which isn’t very useful for your iPhone 5. Does it really need to update?

4) We’ve made it better… by removing functionality


The scary part of any software update is exactly what it will do: Will it introduce a new feature, or re-organise the layout that will completely break your understanding of how a piece of software works? Worse still, could it even take a much-needed feature away? You won’t find out until you install.

5) Adobe Reader Updates

Pic from here.
Pic from here.

Despite being (probably) the most updated software known to man, Adobe Reader still seems to require updates every day, and every time it loads. “Oh brilliant”, you think as the update starts cranking into motion – now you can read that document that someone has annoyingly sent as a PDF, with the update making no discernible difference. Aghhhh.

James O’Malley
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  • Obviously James it is definitely drilling our at many times. As in this ever changing world we all need to be updated second by second to keep the hold on

  • Software updates are a real nightmare sometimes, that’s why we tried our best to avoid as much as possible this process when we created our software products. It all comes down to the user experience really, you have to at least try and offer the best possible experience creating and developing reliable software products, no matter of what type.

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