Chromecast updates lets you change the backdrop

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2014-10-08 19.02.49

Way back in June Google announced a bunch of updates that were coming for its Chromecast – and it appears the changes have finally arrived, with updated apps appearing in the iOS app store and Google Play on Android.

The major update is the ability to customise the backdrops that appear on screen when your Chromecast dongle isn’t in use – so rather than cycle through the same handful of landscapes it now picks paintings and photos from galleries worldwide. By using the Chromecast app on your phone, you can find out more on what you’re looking at. Perhaps more usefully, you can also have it cycle through your Google+ photo albums. That’s right – finally a reason to upload to Google Plus!

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The update also adds a weather widget – so you can now get the forecast and local temperature at a glance.

On Android, the update is perhaps even more significant as it brings with it the ability to cast your entire phone screen – sharing apps on the big screen in real time.

The updates are available for download now. And if you haven’t got a Chromecast yet… why the hell not?

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