Google launches secure USB key for safer login

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Worried about your password getting into the wrong hands? Google has just launched a USB stick that might put your mind at rest.


According to ExtremeTech, Google is calling it Security Key, and uses the Universal Second Factor protocol, found in some makes of USB thumb drives. Basically, when it comes to login on Chrome, if you want to get into your Google account you’ll need to have your Security Key plugged in too.

This makes it more difficult for the bad guys – as it means not only will they need all of your details, but they’ll need a physical USB drive from you too.

For some time now Google has also supported 2-factor authentication – where when trying to login, your phone will be texted with a code to input too, for extra security – but this appears to be a step beyond that.

Unfortunately, for the time being at least you won’t be able to make your own USB keys: you’ll have to buy a pre-approved one. We’ll let you know how to get one when we figure it out ourselves.

James O’Malley
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