Flickr gets an iPad app

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Yahoo has announced the arrival of a new Flickr app for iPad, that offers photo tweaking, filters and the ability to browse high-resolution photos.


Here’s how the company describes the new app:

“This version of the Flickr iOS app is optimised to take full advantage of the larger screen on iPad, while delivering the gorgeous design you expect of Flickr, our powerful camera, and the versatility you need to manage your photos while on the go. On iPad, Flickr can now display images in high resolution by pushing up to 3,000,000 pixels per photo.

Flickr members can browse their photo feed in landscape or portrait with beautiful iPad-optimised layouts. Photos in the feed display near their original aspect ratio and cascade in a lovely waterfall format. Flickr members can also enhance their profile with an avatar, background photo, introduction, and website links.

In addition, we’ve included the ability to capture photos and videos with live filters on the iPad, allowing you to use our professional editing tools and opening a whole new world of enhancing your images.”


The new app is available now from the app store if you want to give it a try.

James O’Malley
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