Did the iPhone cause Finland’s economic problems?

Apple, iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, spare a thought for those who have been left behind by the iPhone revolution, like poor old Finland.


According to CNBC, the Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has blamed the iPhone for killing former Finnish powerhouse Nokia, and the iPad for killing the Finnish paper industry.

“We have two champions which went down”, Stubb is quoted as saying. “A little bit paradoxically I guess one could say that the iPhone killed Nokia and the iPad killed the Finnish paper industry, but we’ll make a comeback.”

For the last few years Finland has struggled economically – even receiving a downgrade from credit ratings agencies.

Poor Finland. At least there’s always Moomins, right?

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Did the iPhone cause Finland’s economic problems?

  • You can’t “blame” another product/company for being better than yours. Competition drives innovation and ultimately improves everyone’s living standards. Plus it’s Finland’s fault for putting all their economic eggs into Nokia’s basket. They should have cultivated more great companies perhaps with entrepreneurship-friendly policies etc

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