The internet of too many things? Ex-Apprentice contentant invents a “big data” hand dryer. Seriously.


Connected devices are all the rage – so when I saw a press release titled “Ex Apprentice star raises £1.5m & launches first ‘big data’ hand dryer” I didn’t know whether to be bewildered or intrigued.

Meet the Savortex EcoCurve Smart Dryer:


Remember Syed Ahmed, from series 2 of the Apprentice back in 2006? Probably not, but he’s apparently raised some big money to get his hand dryer off the ground. Unlike normal hand dryers, this one is connected to the internet – so you can get reports on its usage, with nice graphs and stuff. Like this:


And here’s the completely crazy thing: I think it is sort of cool. I mean, who wouldn’t pick the dryer where you can get analytics given the choice? Sure, for most purposes it is completely pointless, and any talk of its utility would essentially be hot air, but I’m a sucker for a graph.

Obviously this is aimed mostly at businesses and it seems that RBS has already drank the kool-aid (if they spill it, they can dry it off after…), planning to install the units in its buildings.

Move over Dyson Airblade, your time is over.

James O’Malley
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