LG executive allegedly caught smashing up rival Samsung gear

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There’s a huge rivalry between LG and Samsung – the South Korean companies are two of the biggest names in tech and it seems tensions could be running a little high between them.


According to the Korea Herald an LG executive in Germany has been questioned by police for allegedly trying to break the doors on four Samsung Crystal Blue washing machines. Apparently the case was closed when LG agreed to buy the damaged goods.

It doesn’t end there though – not just with the amusing conundrum of what that LG exec is going to do in Germany with four broken washing machines – but both companies have come out fighting.

LG has released a statement giving its side of the story – here’s how the Herald reported it:

“The executive was only checking Samsung’s washing machines as their doors were shaking when the shop clerks accused him of damaging the products,” an LG Electronics official said. “It is just one of those common incidents that occur ahead of electronics shows.”

“There’s no reason for our research staff to visit (the shop) if LG really intended to damage rivals’ products,” LG said separately. “If we had such a foul intention, we would have sent someone who would not be caught.”

So there you go “It wasn’t us, but if it was, we’d have hired someone who would have got the job done properly”.

James O’Malley
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