Spotify to give you uninterrupted streaming in exchange for watching adverts

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Spotify is introducing video adverts for non-premium subscribers, and will reward you for watching them all the way through.

According to WP Central, Spotify video ads comes in two forms: First there’s straight up videos, which will play back on the Spotify desktop client. These will be clever enough to stop playing back if you’re not watching – the app will know if it is minimised. Then there’s what Spotify is calling “The Sponsored Sessions”. These will be for the mobile app, and will let you listen for up to 30 minutes uninterrupted by adverts, providing that you watch a video advert in full.

Sounds like a fair trade to us – and if you can’t take it, you can always pay up. Which I guess is what Spotify wants you to do anyway.

James O’Malley
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