Playstation Home residents getting kicked out by Sony landlords


Sony has announced that Playstation Home, the experimental PS3 people-doing-stuff-with-avatars ’em up will be getting the plug pulled in March next year.


The foreclosure perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: the platform, which was initially conceived back in 2008 seemed to be a reaction to Wii (and laterally Xbox 360) avatars, and was breathlessly talked of at the time as a potentially entirely new platform: Perhaps all future gaming would happen in a world inhabited by avatars?

As you might have noticed – this didn’t exactly happen, and whilst PS Home had a dedicated userbase, it was also rather small.

Apparently PS Home will cease “publishing new content” on November 14th, and European gamers will be able to continue to download until December 3rd… with the debt collectors finally changing the locks on 31st March.

James O’Malley
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