Is Shellshock the ‘worst ever’ computer bug?

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For once, it seems that using a Windows-based computer might actually be the safest option.


Reports have emerged of what some experts are calling a “deadly serious” bug that could potentially affect hundreds of millions of computers, devices and servers.

The bug, dubbed Shellshock, has been found in a software component called Bash, which is a part of Apple’s Mac operating system as well as many Linux systems.

Computer experts have said that Shellsock can be used to remotely take control of almost any system using Bash.

According to The Independent, many governments around the world have taken steps to protect their critical infrastructure from the flaw.

It also says that cyber-security experts have suggested that people stop using their credit cards online until a solution to the bug, which has existed for more than 20 years, is found and distributed.

Many people have compared the bug to Heartbleed, for its broad and potentially longterm effect on system security.

About half a million machines were thought to have been vulnerable to Heartbleed globally.

But experts say that early estimates suggest Shellshock could hit at least 500 million machines.

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