Oculus unveils Crescent Bay VR headset prototype

Gadgets, Virtual Reality

Virtual reality company Oculus VR, which was bought by Facebook earlier this year in a deal worth $2 billion, has announced a new prototype version of its flagship Rift headset.


The new hardware, named Crescent Bay, features 360 degree tracking, a higher resolution than previous models, lower latency and a built in audio system.

Announcing the prototype in a blogpost, Oculus said the new headset’s ergonomics had also been improved and the device was lighter.

Crescent Bay was unveiled at the Oculus Connect developer conference in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“There are plenty of technical challenges left to solve for the consumer Rift, but Crescent Bay is truly the best virtual reality headset we’ve ever built,” Oculus said.

A consumer release of the VR headset has not been announced, but industry speculation is that we will see it launched some time in 2015.

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