Nintendo unveils new 3DS handhelds

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As Nintendo continues to struggle with its Wii U console, the Japanese games giant has turned its attention back to its handheld device.


The Kyoto-based company has announced a new version of its successful 3DS console – cleverly called the New Nintendo 3DS.

As with the current models, the New 3DS will come in regular and XL sizes.

The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL will feature new shoulder buttons, a second analog stick, better cameras and screens, an automatic brightness adjustment sensor, a MicroSD card slot and brightly colored buttons to match the classic Super Nintendo controller from the 1990s.

In a Nintendo 3DS Direct video post, the company showed off the new hardware running upcoming games such as Final Fantasy Explorers.

The New 3DS has been fitted with a number of improvements, most notably a faster processor and the ability to more easily handle 3D effects.

Nintendo did not specify what kind of processor is in the device, but it did say the console will have more processing muscle – which means that it can handle exclusive games such as Xenoblade Chronicles.

The New 3DS goes on sale in Japan in October, and will be coming to Europe and the US some time in 2015.

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