Next iPads almost certainly getting TouchID

Apple, iPad

It seems almost certain that the next generation of iPads will feature fingerprint-sensing TouchID technology – the same we’ve seen in the iPhone 5S and 6.


Cult of Mac is reporting that developer Hamza Sood has done some digging into Apple’s release of iOS 8.1 and has found strings of text contained hidden within that make reference to the iPad. One string reportedly says “Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.”

This wouldn’t be surprising – such a move has been widely expected because “well, duh?”.

Don’t be expecting to pay for stuff in shops using Apple Pay by swiping your iPad like with the iPhone 6 though – Sood later clarified that Apple Pay and TouchID on iPad is designed for paying for apps. Which is good news for people who don’t like the idea of watching idiots struggle to wave a massive iPads around whilst queueing.

Here’s hoping Apple will also add functionality that prompts the user with a “Are you sure you really want to do this?” whenever it detects someone is holding up an iPad to take a photo at a gig.

Word is that Apple is planning its next press event for 21st October – so hopefully we’ll know more then.

James O’Malley
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