Peter Capaldi’s Doctor coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360


The BBC has announced that a special Doctor Who DLC pack will soon be available for Minecraft’s Xbox 360 edition.


From “September 2014”, players will be able to customise their avatar to look like new Doctor Peter Capaldi, Clara as well as five older Doctors and their companions (unfortunately the press release didn’t specify which exactly). The pack will also include skin for a Dalek.

Apparently we can also expect more Doctor Who DLC in the future – the deal is part of the BBC’s tie-up with Microsoft that similar brought the Top Gear track to Forza. Whether the avatars will find their way to other versions of the game (such as the forthcoming PS4 and PSP versions) remains to be seen.

Now all we need is for the Doctor to do an ice bucket challenge inside a Minecraft world for the ultimate zeitgeisty story.

James O’Malley
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