Good news: Data suggests that the Ice Bucket Challenge has peaked

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Okay, so we’re all pleased that the Ice Bucket Challenge is raising a lot of money for a good cause – but let’s be honest… isn’t it so last Thursday?


Luckily, for those who have tired of it, Ice Bucket Fever appears to have peaked – with Google Trends showing downwards momentum from a peak on August 21st. It looks like it’ll be all over again quicker than you can say “Harlem Shake”.

Twitter users too seem to have grown a little weary of the challenge – with less tweet interest too from the same day.

Personally, I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get to see Bashar al-Assad take part before its too late.

Before we celebrate the return to social media normality though, we should also worry about the spectre of what will inevitably come next. How long until “brands” try to get in on the trend and start their own viral challenges?

I fear that in an advertising agency somewhere in Soho, the finishing touches are already being put to the “Marmite Challenge” or similar.

Perhaps the worst is yet to come?

James O’Malley
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