LG G3 to hit 10 million sales… Amazon Fire Phone to receive patronising “good effort” award?

Amazon, Android

We’ve seen some big launches over the last year – but that doesn’t ever mean companies launching phones can expect big results.


First, the good news for LG, which according to the Korea Times, reckons that it is going to hit 10 million LG G3 units sold for the first time since it entered the smartphone market. That’s pretty impressive going – though perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised as the LG G3 is great.

Meanwhile over at Amazon the situation appears not to be quite so rosy. According to some excellent speculation over at the Graun, ad-network Chitika forecast that fewer than 35,000 Fire Phone’s have been sold since launch. Because Amazon don’t release sales figures, the way this figure was arrived at was by analysing web browsers impressions on adverts and correcting for how much different types of users use their browser.

Even for a handset that is currently only available in the US on one carrier, 35,000 is pretty poor going – though Amazon has attempted to manage expectations by describing the phone’s success as a long term goal.

James O’Malley
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