UK aims for 100% superfast broadband coverage by 2017

Broadband, Internet

Sick of slow downloads and constant buffering while trying to watch a TV show on the iPlayer or Netflix?


Well, the internet in the UK should see some improvement over the next few years.

The government has today said that it aims to achieve 100% superfast broadband coverage in the UK by 2017.

Communications minister Ed Vaizey said that once the first phase to cover 90% of postcodes with superfast broadband by 2017 has been met, the second phase will be an attempt to achieve 95% and then eventually reach 100%.

The project to roll out fibre-optic broadband to supply communities with download speeds of around 24Mb has cost £1.6 billion so far.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Vaizey said: “Local councils are in charge of the roll-out, so they should know where the money should go first for the most impact.

“As I say, we have had phase one to get to 90%, we now have phase two to get to 95%; and the money we have allocated for new technologies will give us the figure we need to get to 100%.”

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