Sony used PSN data to decide to re-make Last of Us for PS4


An interesting tidbit courtesy of MCV, which has revealed that Sony reviewed PSN data to see what users have been playing to decide whether to re-release last year’s smash hit The Last of Us on the PS4.


Apparently the decision was made when Sony realised that a “huge proportion” of PS4 users had never played the game – presumably in part due to the PS4’s success being down to many users switching from Xbox 360 last generation.

What’s particularly notable is that this decision appears to have been driven directly by the data: As PSN accounts are common across the PS3 and PS4, and everyone’s console reports back about what is being played, then it is possible for Sony to see exactly which users have played the game before and which haven’t. Very clever indeed.

The game will be released on PS4 on the 1st August. We can’t wait.

James O’Malley
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