Sony claims that 31% of PS4 buyers are switching from rivals, and are possibly stupid


According to an unverified study, a Sony executive has claimed that 31% of PS4 buyers are people switching loyalties from either Microsoft or Nintendo in the previous generation.


According to Kotaku, John Koller who’s Sony’s American VP of Marketing, it was these 31-percenters who switched from Xbox 360 or Wii – and apparently 17% of PS4 buyers didn’t even own a console in the last generation.

This tallies with expectations – since the PS4 and Xbox One launch the PS4 has consistently led, and anecdotal evidence suggests a significant number of early-adopter Xbox users are switching sides following the Xbox E3 2013 debacle. It is obviously too early to tell if Microsoft have clawed back any ground after this year’s show.

Kotaku then quotes Koller as describing the sorts of hardcore gamers who buy consoles at launch:

“The person that we’ve picked up since launch primarily is someone we call the connoisseur, someone that loves, unequivocally, loves games,” Koller said. “They are the people who, when you walk in [to their home], there’s no books on their book shelves. They’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the console’s launch]. They really are a fantastic consumer for us. They’re a great part of the PlayStation nation.”

God forbid people spend time reading books!

As I look upon my three overflowing bookshelves, as well as my well stocked games shelf and PS4, I hope that Sony don’t think all Playstation gamers are stupid.

James O’Malley
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