Raspberry Pi gets an upgrade: “B+” model launched

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an upgrade to its super cheap computer, bringing more connectivity and better power consumption.


Raspberry Pi may not look like much, but it has taken the world by storm, and is making computing more accessible to everyone. The Pi is a fully functioning computer, with all of the components and hardware stripped down to make it as affordable as possible: it retails for as little as $35 (about £20 over here). Needless to say, it is a great learning tool for kids wanting to learn how to code, and the possibilities for hacks and use as part of an “internet of things” in the home are endless.

The new Model B+ board isn’t a dramatic change, but it is a refinement: It increases the number of USB ports to 4, replaces the SD card reader with a Micro-SD reader, saving space (the Pi has no hard disk – everything runs off of the SD), audio has been improved and there are more GPIO pins (up to 40 from 26) for hackers to get their teeth into.

Other than that, the spec is largely the same, to ensure compatibility with the older Model B version – which the Foundation will be keeping in production for the time being anyway.

The upgraded B+ appears to be available now.

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James O’Malley
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