ISIS Solar Charger is NOT associated with the Jihadist Militant Group of the same name


isischarger.pngWhen the press release from Freeloader landed in my inbox, I did a bit of a double-take. The subject line was “The New FreeLoader iSIS solar external battery charger Breaks Boundaries”.

“Hang on, are the Jihadists who currently occupying a number of cities across Syria and Iraq branching out?”, I thought. It turns out though that – luckily – the company is unrelated. And this is something the compare are at pains to point out. In the press release for their brand new solar-powered phone charger it says (and this is true):

“Briefly, the new iSIS is in no way associated with any radical Sunni jihadist militant group. The new #FreeLoaderiSIS gets its name from the ancient Greek goddess best known as the patroness of nature and magic, and the daughter of the god of the Sky. Now we have cleared up this unfortunate faux pas.”

Well played, Freeloader.

So what actually can the charger do? The company claims that it is the first solar charger that uses a “high density silicon cell” and that it is the first one to let you charge two devices at once (let’s just hope its sunny, I guess).

Apparently the silicon cell enables the panel to be much smaller than previous devices, and a full charge of the battery will take only 18 hours – so not bad if you’re walking up a mountain all day and want to charge up overnight. It’s fairly robust too: the company claim that it can be dropped from up to a metre high without damage, and the case comes with a strap to help attach it to bags. There’s also a built in LCD panel that will show you how charged up to the battery is.

Apparently it’ll be available from mid-July from Maplin and Go Outdoors from £64.99.

We’re also expecting the announcement of the IRA Galaxy S5 any day now.

James O’Malley
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