Did iPhone 6 production start this week?

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Good news for people waiting for an iPhone 6: your rumour-du-jour is that production of the new handsets in China should apparently have started this week.

Pic from iMore
Pic from iMore

According to Reuters, factories were due to begin cranking out iPhones in the “third week of July” – which is now.

Perhaps in line with the earlier rumours about the larger 5.5″ iPhone 6 being delayed, it has been suggested that production on those won’t begin until the second week in August.

The Reuters report also reveals the hidden side of phone production: Whilst we might assume our gadgets are mostly constructed by robots, in actual fact one of the main manufacturers is planning to recruit 100,000 extra people to help produce iPhone 6. Yikes.

Assuming this production rumour is true (which it would have to be if Apple want a September/October release), then we should expect to start seeing more massive hardware leaked photos soon, as there will be too many devices to control.

James O’Malley
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