Android Wear gains Ifttt support


Brilliant news for early adopting Android Wear users: the new smartwatches have just become astonishingly useful already, as Ifttt has announced support.


Ifttt – which stands for “If that then this” – is a website that lets you connect up various web services intelligently using different “recipes”. For example. you can configure it to send you a text message when your Belkin WeMo motion sensor detects movement, or you can have it automatically download photos that you’re tagged in on Facebook to your Google Drive.

So the good news is that the service will soon be adding Google’s wearable platform to its supported services. This means that you’ll be able to do stuff like use your watch to switch off your Phillips Hue smart lightbulbs, or have your friends’ Foursquare check-ins appear on your wrist.

So this could be considered a big move, and especially useful to early adopters as rather than wait for various services to announce official apps, you might be able to hack one together with Ifttt. Nice.

James O’Malley
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