What is Nokia planning for next Tuesday?


Nokia has posted up a mysterious countdown timer to the Nokia Conversations blog – what could the company be planning?


A big, abstract green image, titled “Green with envy”, with the text “Summer brings out our inner glow…” adorning the Conversations Blog at the moment, with a countdown timer that is due to reach zero at 7:30am UK time on Tuesday. But other that… we’ve no idea.

Its an interesting time for Nokia given the company’s phone business has just been bought by Microsoft, and I’ve just had it confirmed that despite the Nokia name it is “Microsoft Devices” running the show. Here’s some wild speculation:

Could the green signify an Android announcement? We’ve previously reported on the unusual situation of Nokia launching Android phones just as the Microsoft deal was being completed – could we hear more about that? Perhaps the company is hedging its bets and releasing another Android – perhaps higher spec rather than entry level?

Perhaps Microsoft’s entire phone business is going the way of Android, and this will be the announcement? (Umm, let’s cross this suggestion out now, as it is hideously unlikely).

Is it merely some incrementally upgraded Nokia handsets? Perhaps some Lumias refreshed with slightly better specs and Windows 8.1?

Or could it be Microsoft announcing the new name for Nokia phones? We already know that the name has to change, because the “Nokia” name stays with the non-phone parts of the Finnish company that Microsoft didn’t buy. Now it has had a few weeks to think about it, surely now is a good time to announce a new name?

At risk of making a hideously incorrect guess, let’s put all of the pieces together: Microsoft needs to rename the bits of Nokia that it owns, and Nokia has painted the whole blog post green. What other Microsoft device has green as its major colour? Could we be about to see the unveiling of the Xbox Phone? Perhaps the Xphone? Don’t count on it, but I’m going to be incredibly smug if I’m accidentally right.

I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

James O’Malley
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