US Ambassador sworn in on an eBook reader


In what could be a first the new US Ambassador to Switzerland, Suzi LeVine, was sworn not on a Bible or another book… but an e-reader.


Before a new American ambassador can take up their position, like the President and many other members of the US government, they must first swear an oath in support of the United States and its constitution – and on Friday that’s exactly what Ambassador LeVine did with Vice-President Joe Biden.


What was different though about this ceremony, which has been carried out thousands of times over the years, is that she used an e-reader instead of a book. Sticking with tradition though, it was loaded up with a copy of the constitution displayed on it. Interestingly, it was open on the page of the 19th Amendment, which was added to the constitution in 1920 to guarantee women the right to vote. A subtle nod to the fact that Switzerland didn’t let women vote until 1971?

We’re not sure if this is the first time this has happened, but we do know that Ambassador LeVine isn’t a fusty old man, like you might expect a diplomat to be – she’s a regular twitter user.

James O’Malley
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