Google said to be working on voice-only technology for car use


Forget hands free – Google apparently wants us to go eyes free when behind the wheel.


According to Android Police, Google is looking to expand its voice search functionality with an eyes-free interface that would be aimed at motorists.

Said to be named KITT after the intelligent talking car from Knight Rider, users would be able to call out “OK Google” to make commands such as asking for the latest weather forecast.

As well as building on Google’s current voice integration technology that’s available across the board, it would also take the spoken command software as seen on the Moto X to the next level.

The source states the software would provide users with the ability to ask questions in a row, while it finds the correct solutions and answers. And should a certain question need to display a certain piece of information, it would wait till the users pulls over safely.

As ever with these things, the rumours have not yet been confirmed, so take with as much salt as you deem appropriate.

Whatever the case, we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

Nicholas Fearn
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