Twitter testing WhatsApp sharing


Twitter appears to be testing a new button in its Android app, that will enable sharing directly to your WhatsApp friends.


The new function was spotted by TheNextWeb, and appears to be currently appearing on a small number of Android user’s apps. (The way Twitter test things is by randomly enabling the feature for a small number of users and gauging their reaction).


What’s also interesting is that placement of the share button is being tested – in one of the screenshots TNW discovered (above) there’s a share button directly on the bar at the top of the screen, whereas on the second one it is where you’d expect, on the share menu. (Ignore the weird font on the left one – that appears to be the user mangling their phone settings to change system fonts).

From a strategic point of view, this would certainly make sense for Twitter if it was to implement it officially: WhatsApp has over 500m regular users (as of the end of last year), and is growing so fast it was snapped up by a nervous Facebook.

James O’Malley
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