Now you can get a phone case with Vladimir Putin's face on it

iPhone accessories

Are you an oligarch with too much money burning a hole in your pocket? Then good news, it seems the latest must-have mobile phone accessory is a gold iPhone case with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face on it.


As spotted on this Russian website, it is a creation by the Italian Jewellery brand Caviar (us neither) and features a black case, backed by an 18-carat sheet of gold… with Putin’s face engraved on it. And all it will set you back is 147,000 Russian Rubles – or just over £2500 ($4350ish).

According to the questionably reliable Google Translate, the “Putinfone” “can be regarded as a sign of solidarity with the Italian jewelers and Russian recognition of the authority of Vladimir Putin”. The company has previous produced cases featuring the faces of Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and Muhammed Ali.


Caviar apparently explained its decision to make a Putin case saying (again, dodgy Google Translate alert):

“Vladimir Putin became the personification of arbitrary decisions, ambition, confidence and steady progress. Man to allow the Syrian conflict, uncompromisingly defends the interests of its people in the face of civil conflict in Ukraine, granted political asylum Edward Snowden, controlling the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, Putin went on record point self confidence rating of Russian citizens.”

We’re just disappointed they didn’t go for one of Putin’s famous shirtless pictures.


James O’Malley
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