Those E3 press conferences in pie-charts: Who had the most exclusives?


Some interesting pie-charts surfaced on Reddit over the weekend making comparisons between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s big glitzy press conferences at E3 last week.

First up, we saw lots of cool looking games – but will we get to play them any time soon?


How much time on stage did the companies spend showing off games, or wasting time?


One of the most annoying things in games is when you get a glitzy trailer but no actual gameplay footage. Did we actually get to see what the games will look like in action?


Are these charts below depressing? How many games were shooters vs how many weren’t.


And finally, the crucial question: how many titles shown were exclusives?


Obviously we haven’t verified these findings (do you want to sit through hours of press conferences with a stop watch?), but assuming that they’re accurate (they seem to be), they make for interesting reading.

James O’Malley
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