Tado reaches Kickstarter goal – aims for Apple HomeKit integration

Internet Of Things

You may remember wifi thermostat company Tado recently attempted to branch out into wifi air conditioning. The cool news is that the company has now reached its initial goal of $150,000, and has announced its first stretch goal.


Now that the company has $150k in the bank, you’d think it’d be happy – but no, now it wants $200k to make it a reality. What’s new? It wants to be one of the first companies to support Apple’s recently announced HomeKit connected home standard.

This conceivably means that eventually you could use Siri to control your AC, and link it with other “internet of things” products made by other manufacturers.

Here’s hoping the Apple improvements are also brought to thermostat customers so that users in colder countries (like, umm, Britain) get a chance tell Siri that things are hotting up.

James O’Malley
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