Smart thermostat company Tado branch out into air conditioning

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Tado, since it launched in this country at the end of last year, has received much acclaim (not least from me) for bringing your home heating into the 21st century – but now the company have announced the launch of a Kickstarter to do the same for air conditioning systems.


Whilst it might be slightly more appealing in countries warmer than ours, it is certainly cool to see (yes, I went there) the company expanding their portfolio.

Mercifully, air conditioning seems to be a bit simpler than heating systems. Rather than have to faff about replacing thermostats, the cooling system appears to replace the roll of infrared remote controls – with a wall mounted receiver simply sending the correct remote codes to the cooler (like how you can get ‘learning’ TV remotes).

The receiver then hooks up to your internet connection via wifi and bluetooth, and you’re able to switch it on and off at will using an app on your phone. You can see various air conditioning systems to choose from on this page

Like its warmer brother, the new device will also work remotely and can detect proximity – meaning if the app detects that you’re heading home on a scorching summer’s day, it’ll switch the AC on so your house is nice and cool once you get there.

The Kickstarter to make it a reality is aiming to raise $150,000 within 30 days, and the future retail price will apparently be $149.

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