Microsoft announce the Nokia X2 – that's right, Microsoft are officially making Android phones


Microsoft has officially announced the Nokia X2, the company’s first official foray into Android phones since the acquisition of Nokia’s phone business.


The phone is a follow-up to Nokia’s “Nokia X” handset that was first unveiled not all that long ago, back in February – and unusually, right in the middle of when the acquisition was going though.


The X2 is a modest upgrade of its predecessor: Powered by a 1.2ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor, sporting a 4.3″ screen with a 5MP camera, it is still the definition of a budget device. It also supports dual SIM cards, which I guess is great if you’re planning on leading a double life.


Crucially, it runs Nokia’s Microsoft’s own fork of Android, which is distinct from the likes of Google and Samsung, in that it runs from its own app store and offers its own range of first party apps (such as Nokia Maps) – though most Android apps should be compatible with the new phone.

Why Microsoft is continuing to support Android when it has its own mobile platform remains to be seen – but do check out my conspiracy theory here.

The X2 will available “immediately” in “select countries” and will cost €99 – so expect it to be around £100 over here.

James O’Malley
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