Microsoft announce Xbox One Twitter integration for TV viewing

Twitter, Xbox One

Microsoft’s “Major Nelson”, Larry Hryb has just posted this video showing off forthcoming TV features to Xbox One, which will use Twitter to enhance your TV experience.


The changes – which will inevitably come to the US first, leaving us waiting, sees Twitter hashtags added to TV listings, and a new “trending” TV section, showing you what Twitter users are currently watching.


Perhaps most intriguingly is the ability to call up tweets related to what you’re watching at the bottom of the screen – with the implication being tweets will be filtered to those from the cast and crew of the show you’re watching.

Whilst this could be great for adding another dimension to your viewing, I can’t help but wonder if this will fall down when you watch something that isn’t very popular… are people really going to be tweeting along with an old repeat on an obscure cable channel?

The other question I have is whether we actually want tweets on the TV screen, taking up valuable space… isn’t Twitter exactly what the “second screen” is supposed to be for?

Either way, its an interesting development – here’s hoping Microsoft can work with UK broadcasters to bring it over here too.

James O’Malley
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